…or Did I Just Start A Blog?

Isn’t this what those people do?  You know, “those people” as in “what do you mean, you people” a la “Tropic Thunder?”  Writers who do not write articles and such?  Why do this thing that smacks so much of narcissism that–in a blind taste test–consumers would not be able to differentiate them?

I don’t know, honestly.  I’m trying to get back into writing, so it seems to be good practice.  I’m working out of my home a lot, which creates its own challenges, one of focus as my roommates cat circles my ankles like a great white shark below a spring break pontoon, and Facebook mental flotsam beckons me like a siren song.

I guess I found myself writing these overly-long updates in comments sections and got sick of re-looking for the same links as I argued points with some of the numbskulls I’d stumble across there.

Ah, yes:  OK.  Sorry.  I use depreciating terms for people who ignorantly disagree with me.  Before you call me closed-minded (which I am, to be fair, a bit):  I emphasize “IGNORANTLY.”  I am fine with debate, but get your facts straight.  Or have some.

I will also say it:  occasionally I will be wrong.  It will be rare, but if I am, I’ll own up to it.  I can have my mind changed if someone has some data to refute me with.  Been awhile since that’s happened, but only a fool believes in “never.”

Anyway, welcome to my blog.  It’ll either be short and spectacularly “meh,” or long and spectacularly “meh.”

Or, you know, it could be awesome.  Welcome to the experiment!


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